The 5 Foods to Always Serve on the Table!

  October 14, 2013

Over the past year, I have taken great pride in putting meals on the table and watching my little one develop into a competent eater. Supporting a competent eater for me has consisted of planning balanced meals and giving a consistent feeding message. I know first hand that it’s not always easy…and this is coming … Continued

6 Steps to Getting Dinner on the Table!

  October 10, 2013

Life has been so busy for me over the last several months. Between raising a one year old, starting my business, and training for a 5 mile run it has left me with a limited amount of time. Some nights I’m so exhausted it takes everything I have to finish what has to get done. … Continued

Sugar Junkies Unite!

  October 8, 2013

Are you constantly craving certain foods? Do you find at times you eat everything in sight? Do you constantly fall off every diet you try only to gain more weight? If you answered, “YES,”  to even one of these questions then it’s time…it’s time for us Sugar Junkies to UNITE! Cravings are one of those … Continued

Pump It Up With Pumpkin!

  October 3, 2013

It’s that time of year…Pumpkin time! As I go to the grocery store, the local farm market, and the ice cream store I am surrounded by pumpkin everything. Over the weekend I saw Pumpkin Ice Cream, Pumpkin Donuts, and Pumpkin Flavored Coffee to just name a few. So what is all the hype about? Pumpkin … Continued

Asian Honey Garlic Chicken

  October 2, 2013

Save Print Asian Honey Garlic Chicken Author: Dana Snook Recipe type: Crockpot Cuisine: Asian American Prep time:  10 mins Cook time:  6 hours Total time:  6 hours 10 mins Serves: 4   A quick delicious Chicken Crockpot meal for busy nights! Ingredients About 8-10 Chicken Drumsticks 4 garlic cloves, minced 1 tsp dried basil ½ cup low sodium soy … Continued

Grazing and Handouts: How To Cut It Out!

  September 23, 2013

Recently, my daughter has learned the eating technique called…Begging! At first it was so cute as she reached her little hand up at me requesting what I was eating, but I’ve come to realize I’m not setting either of us up for success. This week as I revamped HOW we are eating, it made me … Continued

Rewards, Food, What??

  September 9, 2013

This weekend I had an awesome opportunity to catch up with some old friends. Of course part, okay, maybe most of our catching up included talking about our children. One topic that always surrounds me and I’m guessing because I love to talk about it is nutrition and feeding our children. The one common denominator … Continued

The Benefits of Cow’s Milk with Fat!

  August 29, 2013

On Facebook yesterday I had an overwhelming response from all of you who drink either skim milk or almond milk when asked what kind of milk you drank. The overwhelming response led me to write this blog post today. Unfortunately, we are programed to believe low-fat is better, but I’m writing this article to tell … Continued

When Exercise Makes You Ravenous!

  August 26, 2013

Yesterday my husband and I decided to take our 11 month old daughter on a bicycle ride. Well lucky for her she got to ride attached to my bike in her buggy. My husband purposely attached the buggy to my bike because I’ve always been known to be in better shape and in his words, … Continued

Division of Responsibility of Feeding Your Children

  August 20, 2013

 Division of Responsibility of Feeding* The Division of Responsibility of Feeding is the tool needed to follow the Trust Model. As a parent it is your job to decide What, When and Where to feed. It is the child’s job to decide How Much and Whether to eat it (Satter, 2000). When the line is … Continued