Choosing a New Path: How to Start a Life Without Dieting

  November 4, 2016

Have you ever wondered what is would like to lead a life without dieting or restrictive eating? Do you believe it would feel good to stop dieting – OR – are you terrified of what will happen to your body if you stop dieting? Changing your path in regards to eating is no easy task. … Continued

3 Steps to Help Your Children Enjoy Eating!

  October 24, 2016

  You are probably thinking,  “What in the world does sheep have to do with the steps to helping your children enjoy eating, right?” Well, it’s interesting. Every day I walk. It’s a time I spend on me to reflect and regroup. There are these beautiful reserves near my home where I get lost in the beauty. … Continued

To Snack or Not to Snack?

  October 18, 2016

  Snacks, it is one of those topics that carries so much controversy. No adult wants to admit to eating one, but every child learns to need a snack for every event, party, sporting event, grocery store or car trip. What happens when the snacks are treated more like a babysitter than for actually nourishment? Just yesterday, … Continued

4 Steps to Raising Children with a Good Body Image

  October 7, 2016

Raising a child with good body image in today’s society is nothing short of climbing a large mountain. In a society, where everywhere you turn promotes the newest quick fix to lose weight or surgery to change the body you can’t stand. Even when you try to shield your children from it, it can sneak up in … Continued

How to Give up the Dieting Cycle

  September 8, 2016

It’s hard to give up on the dieting cycle. We live in a society where one is measured by how we look and our health is dependent on it. If you look overweight you must be unhealthy, right? But what about when you are overweight and completely healthy? According to research, we know that people … Continued

Tips You Need to Know to Actually Feed your Very Stubborn and Picky Child

  August 13, 2016

Feeding a strong willed child isn’t always the easiest task for us parents. I can set up the scene. You plan out a balanced meal for the family. However, he will only eat certain foods, and it is very obvious he is just picky. You’re so frustrated because his diet consists of waffles, puffs, crackers, … Continued

6 Foods Every Table Needs!

  August 10, 2016

  Just last week, I served up lunch for my 4 year old. Her response, “Mom, this isn’t very much food.” She was right, it was towards the end of the week before I went grocery shopping again and I was trying to use up the leftovers in my refrigerator. I sort of snickered to … Continued

How to Get Your Whole Family Eating One Meal

  August 3, 2016

“One meal…I would love that!” says every parent.  I haven’t had a parent yet come into my office and not look relieved when I tell them the first thing we need to work on is serving the same meal for everyone. Every parent dreams of the day you cook one meal for your family and … Continued

How to Stop Battling with Your Child About Eating!

  July 29, 2016

What if the easy answer was as simple as… just stop. If only it was that easy, right? You get home from a long day of work, you rush to get food on the table only to be bombarded with whining and insults — Yuck, Gross, I DON’T want THAT! What could be more frustrating than … Continued