When Exercise Makes You Ravenous!

  August 26, 2013

Yesterday my husband and I decided to take our 11 month old daughter on a bicycle ride. Well lucky for her she got to ride attached to my bike in her buggy.

My husband purposely attached the buggy to my bike because I’ve always been known to be in better shape and in his words, “It will slow you down.” Ha!

Well what started out to be a leisure ride along the canal path escalated into a 15 mile, 2 hour ride! The ride left me with a sore bum and a ravenous appetite.

What led to the RAVENOUS appetite? Well as a dietitian I can tell you EXACTLY where I went wrong…

Our bodies have a constant supply of glucose in the blood stream to give us energy. When we exercise the muscles pull this glucose from the bloodstream to give us energy. After about 30mintues- 1 hour the glucose will be depleted and our liver will supply our stored sugar to keep us going. So what does this mean for us after 1 hour?

If you don’t replace the glucose in the bloodstream energy will run out and the body will spend the rest of the day making up for it.

Well that is exactly what happened to me. Ate lunch before the ride, but I had nothing except water with me (thought this was going to be a 45minute leisure bike ride). When after 2 hours I was still exercising my body was essentially starved. The body now needs to make up for that state leading us to the RAVENOUS appetite.

So what could I have done? 15 minutes before my bike ride had a snack containing only low fat carbohydrate (such as a piece of fruit). Then after 1 hour I should have had more low fat carbohydrate (Gatorade, granola bar, fruit, pretzels). Most importantly within 30 minutes after I finished I should have had 1 more low fat carbohydrate and 1 low fat protein (best recovery snack is actually Skim Chocolate Milk).

Well lesson learned, the next time we decide to go out for a ride..BRING A SNACK!

Have a Great Day!

Dana Snook, RDN,  CIC

P.S. Would love to hear what you eat before or after your exercise session!?!?


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