Ever wish you had an Infant Feeding Specialist on retainer to answer your most burning questions?

Introducing... First Year: Stress Free Feeding for Happy Healthy Babies.

Every day, I work with families that have been dealing with feeding issues for at least 3 to 5 years because, typically, that's how long it takes the average family to seek out help.

After connecting to family after family, I realized the vast majority of feeding issues originated in the infancy stage. It got me thinking, "What if I could help families prevent future feeding problems?"

From that, the Infant Feeding Program was born.


I will teach you exactly how and what to feed your baby without stress from birth to 12 months old so your baby grows up to be a happy and healthy eater. A year's worth of content delivered in just four easy modules. You can watch them at your own pace throughout the year.

Does this sound familiar?


"I am a new mom who is unsure if my baby is ready for puree foods. (And how do I  even make them?)"

"I feel like my baby is behind on graduating to chunky, table foods from puree foods - and that maybe I’ve given them puree foods too long. But I'm also afraid they might choke."

"I have no idea even where to start with feeding the first foods. What food should I start with, how much do I give and even how do I make it?"

"I feel like the only way to get them to eat is if I shove the spoon or nipple in their mouth, but they get really upset...and so do I."

"I have no idea what foods are safe for my baby to eat at the different stages. Am I allowed to ever give grapes, peanuts, or hot dogs?"


"I just want somebody to tell me exactly what I need to do to prepare for feeding my baby and walk me through the whole first year."

"I have no idea even where to start with how to feed breastmilk or formula. How do I choose, how to do I feed, what equipment do I need to prepare?"

"I’ve seen way too many of my friends struggle with feeding their kids, I want to do it differently from the beginning so I can prevent these feeding problems."

"I have no idea even where to start with what to feed. What food should I start with, how much do I give and even how do I make it?"


If you're TIRED of getting competing opinions from the pediatrician’s office (and your friends who think they're doctors), then I'm excited to finally give you what you need: CONSISTENT, RELIABLE advice from a professional who GETS IT.

When you enroll in this program, you get a FULL YEAR OF CONTENT and SUPPORT for the price of one session.

The Infant Feeding Program: Details

What You'll Learn:


You'll know exactly how to tell when your child is ready for the next stage of foods.

You'll understand how much food to feed your baby as well as how to create a healthy relationship with food from the start.

You'll get information on how you can improve the experience of feeding on the whole - for both of you.

How You'll Learn:


I get it - you're too tired to read a book about feeding your baby. That's why I made quick videos that will tell you exactly what you need to know. No more, no less.


Aside from the videos, I also provide supplementary infographics to show you examples of WHAT to feed your baby.


After enrollment, course content is released to you immediately so you can watch them all super quickly, or (what I'd recommend) take your time perusing each video in order as that will give you the best experience.


Each month, I offer a free group coaching call to you along with the other program participants to ask me any questions that are on your mind.


If you want to connect with other like-minded parents (no crazy mommas here!) who also want to raise good eaters from the beginning, then the Facebook Group is the perfect place to do that. You'll retain access for as long as you are in the program.

The Infant Feeding Program: Curriculum


Module 1 - Newborns

How to know how much breast milk or formula your baby needs

How to feed your child so they can learn to be calm and alert

Establishing a trusting feeding relationship

Understanding how development milestones affects how well your baby feeds


Module 2 - Starting Solids

How to know you baby is ready for solid foods

How to prepare the first foods

How to know how much to give your baby

What foods to serve


Module 3 - Introducing Textures

Learn how to serve chunky foods

Developmentally appropriate foods

Understanding choking versus gagging

Starting a sippy cup

Managing feeding breastmilk and formula with foods


Module 4 - Transitioning to Table Foods

Making your baby part of the meal

How to modify food for you baby

Serving liquids