You May Have Realized Every Week Going to the Grocery Store and Dealing with What Your Children are Asking for Makes You Uncomfortable. Do you Struggle to Trust Yourself to Eat Food You Enjoy? Do You Want to Learn So You Can Lead By Example for Your Children?

Becoming an intuitive eater as an adult is possible! Working on how you feed yourself will help support raising your own intuitive eaters. You may have realized things your parents did may have not been helpful in you growing up with a good relationship with food. You want it to be different for your children, however, you are starting to realize that it is hard to raise an intuitive eater when you aren't one yourself.

Join Me as I Support You in this 6 Week Virtual Intuitive Eating Mastermind!

Here is What You Will Get (Valued at $500):

*1- 60 Minute Group Get to Know You Call

Date: Sunday, March 11th at 8:00pm (EST)

*4 - 90 minute Group Coaching Call

Dates: 8:00pm (EST)

Sunday, March 18th

Sunday, March 25th

Sunday, April 8th

Sunday, April 22nd

*Downloadable Worksheet to Go with Our Call 

*Weekly Email Check-In

*Ability to Submit Confidential Questions

*Private Mastermind Facebook Group

*BONUS: Receive 20% off Infant, Toddler or Preschool Intuitive Eating Programs

Investment: $167

(This is an introduction offer only - next go around this will $227)


In 6 weeks You Will Tackle:

Making Peace with ALL Food

Understanding Your Hunger, Fullness and Satisfaction 

Feel Better About What and How Much You Eat

Plus, Since You are All Unique I Guarantee You'll Have Unique Breakthroughs Specifically to Your Issues Around Food!



"I feel better about my eating habits. I learned that my body is telling me what it needs! Big Aha moment! I learned a lot, not just about food, but about myself. Thank you for providing safe space. I enjoyed the entire workshop!"

"I feel like it was helpful to hear other people’s stories were similar to mine. I’m not the only one who struggles with these things. It was eye opening to see that food doesn’t have to be stressful, but can be enjoyable.”

To reserve your spot now, just make add your email address and I will send you an invoice.