Kids in the Kitchen - 4 Weeks Cooking and Food Play Challenge!

Kids in Kitchen Challenge!

Sometimes cooking with kids and food play can be messy, but it will be so worth it when your children experience the self-confidence around cooking and learn to sneak up on a variety of food. It will lay the foundation for healthy eating habits.

The Benefits to the Family Are:

1. Exposure to new foods
2. Gives your child an opportunity to develop fine motor skills
3. Teaching a very good life skill
4. It's educational in the disciplines of math, reading, and science
5. Bonding time - it's a great time to connect and make memories!!

How the Challenge Works:

Each Sunday starting on July 15th you'll  receive several play with food or cooking with kids food ideas via your inbox.

Plan to participate in one activity each week with your child(ren). (You'll get bonus points the more activities you participate in- everyone likes a little friend competition, right?!?!)

Post pictures in the Family Feeding Academy FB group, Dana Snook FB Page or Instagram and tag me.

Earn points

Most important - Have FUN!

Winner will be announced on August 11th!

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