I created my 12 week private coaching to help parents and families like yours to heal your relationship to food.

Imagine how it would feel to *enjoy* feeding your family...

"Meal prep is a breeze - dare I say - it's FUN now because everyone in my family is excited to try new foods."

"Family dinner has become less about what we're eating and more about connecting with each other."

"I feel so grateful I finally have the support and understanding of other parents - I'm not alone in this."

"I'm no longer consumed with worry about my child's (or my own) weight."

THIS is exactly the kind of peace I help people like you find around food in my 12 week program.

Dana is an amazing pediatric dietitian! I met Dana while working together as a team for a childhood weight management program. I always listened very carefully to what she would teach and also took my own mental notes for the day that I would start a family.

After having my son, our family faced a few serious health issues. My son was not only a colicky baby, but also very constipated and was diagnosed as being allergic to milk and soy. My pediatrician was helpful and supportive, however, I knew that I could count on Dana to help us understand these issues that were directly related to his nutrition and formula choices.

I would call Dana quite often with many questions regarding my son’s formula and symptoms. Dana was always available to help either by phone or email. She responded to my questions immediately and gave us the information we needed to not only make the right choices, but to also understand what my son was going through.

At one point, my son was hospitalized in Philadelphia for his food allergy and Dana made the trip to come and visit to check on my son, but to also give me support and a shoulder to lean on.

My son is now happy and healthy and I still speak with Dana on a regular basis. I like to brag and tell her that my son eats grilled chicken and vegetables and not just chicken nuggets!

In the program, you can typically expect...

  • (6) private sessions with me scheduled over the course of twelve weeks.
  • 2 to 3 emails per week from me to answer any questions you have and to guide you in-between sessions.
  • Hand-selected recipes and activities tailored to help you and your family improve your relationship with food.
  • Complimentary Facebook support for the duration of the program.