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Stress Free Feeding for Happy Healthy Babies


  • You feel like you have to get more into your infant to eat
  • You are lost and don't know what and how much to feed.
  • Your infant is eating something one day and refusing it the next, despite your best intention.
  • All of sudden your infant is refusing foods they used to love.
  • You are feeling like you have to trick them into eating. You both are not enjoying the process.
  • You're tired of every meal being stressful.

Did you know HOW you feed your infant will have a direct impact on how well they will eat in the long run? Here is how to ensure good eating habits right from the beginning!


I will teach you exactly how and what to feed your baby without stress from birth to 12 months old so your baby grows up to be a happy and healthy eater. A year's worth of content delivered in just four easy modules. You can watch them at your own pace throughout the year.

What's Included?


I get it - you're too tired to read a book about feeding your baby. That's why I made quick videos that will tell you exactly what you need to know. No more, no less.


Aside from the videos, I also provide supplementary infographics to show you examples of WHAT to feed your baby.


After enrollment, course content is released to you immediately so you can watch them all super quickly, or (what I'd recommend) take your time perusing each video in order as that will give you the best experience.


Each month, I offer a free group coaching call to you along with the other program participants to ask me any questions that are on your mind.


If you want to connect with other like-minded parents (no crazy mommas here!) who also want to raise good eaters from the beginning, then the Facebook Group is the perfect place to do that. You'll retain access for as long as you are in the program.

 What To Expect?

Module 1 - Newborns

How to know how much breast milk or formula your baby needs

How to feed your child so they can learn to be calm and alert

Establishing a trusting feeding relationship

Understanding how development milestones affects how well your baby feeds


Module 2 - Starting Solids

How to know you baby is ready for solid foods

How to prepare the first foods

How to know how much to give your baby

What foods to serve


Module 3 - Introducing Textures

Learn how to serve chunky foods

Developmentally appropriate foods

Understanding choking versus gagging

Starting a sippy cup

Managing feeding breastmilk and formula with foods


Module 4 - Transitioning to Table Foods

Making your baby part of the meal

How to modify food for you baby

Serving liquids

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 What Clients Are Saying?

My exclusively breastfed daughter had refused to take the bottle since birth. Since we started foods she has given us a hard time. She would even try to escape the high chair because she didn’t enjoy the feeding process…and neither did my husband or I. We had another child who was so easy to feed and she was completely different. After I met with Dana within 1 day she started holding the bottle herself and chewing on the nipple. It was only baby steps, but a huge change from a baby that wouldn’t even let me put the bottle near her mouth. I learned so much from Dana about how to feed my strong willed daughter in just one video. Within one day she also started feeding herself oatmeal in the morning and now she enjoys playing with her food.

~Michelle, Mom of 2 (2 ½ year old and 7 month old)

I constantly hear other moms at my play dates complaining about feeding their kids and all of the stress it causes them. And that is one conversation I am happy to not be a part of, thanks to Dana Snook's program! As a new mom her advice for my daughter has taken all the stress out of feeding.  Having her available with any feeding question that have arisen, big or small, has made all the difference in my experience in feeding my daughter. Dana's methods work and she always has the answer you need to calm a new moms mind!

~Carrie, New Mom (11 month old)

When my daughter was 7 months old, I consulted Dana about my daughter’s eating because as a first time mom I was worried about starting chunky foods. I was worried because EVERY time I tried my daughter would gag. What I didn’t realize was that this is all part of the process of infant feeding! That night I went home and gave my daughter time to learn to eat and stayed calm through some gagging. By the end of the meal she was a pro and ate an entire meatball. This was the first of many things, I have learned from Dana over the past 4 years. She continues to help me to be confident in what and how I feed my daughter so she can have a the best chance of growing up to love who she is and have a healthy relationship with food.

~Laurie, Mom of 1 (3 1/2 year old)

I started to consult with Dana for my first child 2 ½ years ago. Thanks to Dana's advice, my daughter progression from nursing, to starting solid foods, and then eating table foods was extremely smooth and with a lot less stress than I imagined!  Like many new moms, my schedule is crazy and hectic, but with Dana's help, feeding my daughter wasn’t. She was able to suggest many new and exciting foods to try while using foods my husband and I eat and buy at the grocery store and are easy to prepare. Teaching us how to feed our daughter created good habits for my husband and I too. We started eating as family and are now part of our daily routine. When we added our second child to the mix, I felt like I was learning all over again. I somehow seemed to forget exactly how and what to feed him. Although, he is a totally different child personality wise, her advice is helping him to grow into a good eater too. We are very excited with both our children's responses to Dana’s methods. It has been so nice to have Dana available to ask questions and support us along the way.

~Leslie, Mom of 2 (2 1/2 year old and 6 month old)

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Why I do this?

Feeding children who eat well and have a healthy relationship with food is no easy task. There are so many opinions about what to feed your children. Many of these get in the way of children doing a good job with eating.

One thing I have learned over the years of working with clients in my private practice is feeding problems start on average 3-5 years before parents seek out my help. Most parents come to me at their wits end, feeling desperate to get their child to eat well.

Even though I have been teaching other parents for the past 10 years how to having a trusting feeding relationship with their own children, it wasn’t until I had my own daughter that it really fell into place for me: a trusting relationship with food is essential right from the beginning.

And this is why "First Year: Stress Free Feeding for Happy Heathy Babies" was born. To help parents like you feed your children in a less stressful way so they can develop healthier relationships with food.

Much Love, Dana Snook