Body Image


The dietitians at Beyond Nutrition are Health at Every Size (HAES)-aligned, which looks at health and healing from a social justice lens. We challenge societal norms about weight and body standards. We promise to never pathologize your body as the problem, despite what you have been taught by diet culture, the healthcare system, ableism and white supremacy. 

We know that your body's story is unique and the messages you have received have likely gotten in the way of your life. This has likely led to self blame and/or dislike for your body. We know that family messages affect your body. We know that the media and false “beauty” ideals affect your body. We know that weight-centric healthcare can affect your body. We know that anti-fat bias will affect your body.  

Our dietitians will NEVER recommend shrinking your body as a solution to your body image concerns. We support you eating enough using principles from the Intuitive Eating model. We will support you in trusting your body again. 

What you should expect

Learn to address your negatives beliefs about bodies

Understand your body image story and how it relates to your beliefs

Adopt a weight neutral approach focusing on self-care and not the number on the scale

Learn to listen to your body and honor your body’s cravings regardless of how you feel about your body

Advocate for yourself and others while challenging societal norms that contribute to body shaming and discrimination

Learn to trust your body and make choices aligned with your values

What we are mindful of while working on body image

Cultural competence and how diverse cultural perspectives affect food, body image, and health

Health disparities related to socioeconomic status, race, and social determinants of health

Body Image is more than being body positive - a trend in our country over the past several years. We hope you’ll learn to trust yourself and your body again. This means coming home to your body and taking care of it. 

Intersectionality of various identities, such as race, gender, disability status, and sexuality; dietitians tailor their approach to each individual's unique experiences around their body

Collaboration with other members of the team, such as medical providers and mental health professionals, to address the emotional, psychological, and medical aspects of body image concerns 

Inclusive and affirming language with respect to diverse body sizes, shapes and identities

We’d love to be on your journey!

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