Children Do Best Being In Charge Of What and How Much to Eat

  April 8, 2018

What would it look like to give up control of what and how much your children eat? Does letting go of controlling their eating scare you? Are you not sure why this would be beneficial? What if it meant that you got to put one meal on the table, got to sit down with your … Continued

My Child Won’t Stay at the Table to Eat

  March 31, 2018

We’ve all been there. Your child eats their food, wants to get down, and then they are back two seconds later asking to get up and sit on your lap. Maybe they eat a few bites, get down, come back, eat a few bites, get down, come back (you get the idea).  It’s probably driving … Continued

Why Serving an Evening Snack is a Good Idea!

  March 26, 2018

Sometime many years ago a very famous women told the world that they shouldn’t eat after 7pm – meaning you should eliminate evening snacks. The response- the world felt guilty eating after 7pm. The truth – there is nothing wrong with eating after 7pm. And even more importantly, it’s almost essential for children. Has anyone ever … Continued

Why Parents Should Be in Charge Of What to Serve

  March 18, 2018

You ask your child what they want to eat. You are greeted with, “I don’t know” – this is the best case scenario in my opinion. The other option is your child tells you exactly what they want only to refuse to eat it. And..if it’s a really bad day it might even end in … Continued

Is a “Sugar High” a Real Thing with Kids?

  March 11, 2018

Sugar has gotten a bad rep in our culture today – I’ve heard it been compared to drugs and poison. No wonder parents struggle to allow their children to have a good relationship with all food, including sugar. Any well-meaning parent is going to feel bad and want to restrict sugar if they think it … Continued

Why Does My Child Seem Like a Bottomless Pit with Food?

  March 2, 2018

Your child always wants to eat. They will have dinner and then ask for a snack right after. They are driving you nuts! At first, you thought it was a growth spurt, but it’s been going on for months now. If you don’t give them something they’ll throw a fit. You’re having trouble telling if they … Continued

Should You Feed Your Child Lucky Charms?

  February 20, 2018

What do you do when you’re at the store and your little one wants a sugary cereal? Are you nervous to get the sugary ones? Just last week we went grocery shopping as a family. Family grocery shopping has it’s own unique set of challenges – everyone (ahem, I mean my husband and daughter) are … Continued

Why Trying to Get Kids to Lose Weight Is a BAD Idea!

  February 15, 2018

  I’m not sure how many of you have been following along with the controversy around Weight Watchers this past week. Weight Watchers has decided to allow teenagers as young as 13 years old (with a parent’s consent) to take part in their program for free this summer. To say that it has caused controversy … Continued

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