I created my private program to help parents and families like yours to heal your relationship to food.

Imagine how it would feel to *enjoy* feeding your family...

"Meal prep is a breeze - dare I say - it's FUN now because everyone in my family is excited to try new foods."

"Family dinner has become less about what we're eating and more about connecting with each other."

"I feel so grateful I finally have the support and understanding of other parents - I'm not alone in this."

"I'm no longer consumed with worry about my child's (or my own) weight."

THIS is exactly the kind of peace I help people like you find around food in my 12 week program.

Prior to starting to follow you, we were dealing with a picky eating. You have helped me quite a bit with my daughter’s picky eating and getting her to enjoy foods, as she will. I have raised her to know it is OK if she doesn’t want something offered at the table “this time” because maybe next time she will. The most important thing is she now eats most things all on her own and will ask for certain things she never used to. I’m beyond impressed. It’s easy to live by the old ways of doing things, but I really believe this rule of thumb works!

In the program, you can typically expect...

  • Private sessions with me available in-person or virtually.
  • 2 to 3 emails per week from me to answer any questions you have and to guide you in-between sessions.
  • Hand-selected recipes and activities tailored to help you and your family improve your relationship with food.
  • Complimentary Facebook support for the duration of the program.

Initial Consult – 85 minutes

Initial consults are used to collect relevant information about your medical and nutritional history and get to know you. We will spend the time talking in more detail about the welcome packet. Together we will set treatment goals.

Follow up Sessions – 55 minutes

Follow up sessions are vary from client to client. We will discuss together how frequently we need these sessions based on treatment goals. Follow up sessions are used to review treatment goals, problem solve and talk about insights since your last visit.


Insurance coverage will vary depending on your plan. Please verify insurance using the insurance worksheet in your welcome packet.

If I do not take your insurance, I am considered an out of network provider which means I provide super bills for possible reimbursement. Please ask your insurance carrier if you have out of network benefits. You can also use you HAS cards for payment.

Payment plan options are available. Please inquire for details.