“Like an ability or a muscle, hearing your inner wisdom is strengthened by doing it.” ~Robbie Gass


One of the hardest concepts to get out of your brain is the thought of good foods versus bad foods. The negative thoughts are sure to cloud your vision moving forward. They will prevent you from making room to build a healthier relationship with all foods.

You may be someone who has heard negative food messages a good portion of your life or maybe you have self imposed these message on yourself due to the constant restrictions on food you have instilled. No matter the reason, helping to normalize foods and eating is a good step to take.

It can take time to reassure yourself it is indeed OKAY to eat these foods. In the end, these messages have not been helpful.

All foods really can fit. If you can learn to enjoy them and look at the positive things they can bring to your life the better off you will be with them.

For today’s activity, I want you to get out a piece a paper (or just print out this post). Make two columns. In the first column I want you to label “good” foods  and in the second column I want you to list “bad” foods.

 “Good” Foods “Bad” Foods
________________________ ______________________
________________________ ______________________
________________________ ______________________
________________________ _______________________

1. First, list out 3-4 foods that first come to mind that you can put in each of these two categories.

2. Now, think about the bad foods. Write next to each food why you think these are “bad” foods. Examples: (a) they are too high in fat, sugar (b) my diet told me they were (c) my doctor/mom/friend told me to avoid them. You get the idea.

3. Next, I want to you to tell me why these foods may not be as bad as you thought. Examples: (a) I love the taste (b) It reminds me of ________ memory (c) It’s a quick and easy meal when I’m overwhelmed (d) It would give me the essential fat and protein my body needs.

Don’t let my examples dictate something you don’t feel about them. Instead, this is trying to reframe your thoughts around that food. It’s may help you to see, there is a place for those foods in your diet.

Maybe you have a food, you can’t find anything good about. Comment in the post below or reply to the email. We can come up with a reason together. I’d love to hear what you come up!