Probably the most important concept I believe to be important in improving your relationship with food is your ability to make meals a priority and develop the skills and resources to manage your food. However, I find this often the most likely to be low with clients who have chronically dieted.

As we’ve discussed extensively in this program, we know dieting doesn’t work long term and trying to diet just gets in the way of your eating competence. When you learn to enjoy the process of eating less and less, you will avoid it. This will leave you with lower food management skills.

Sometimes these food management skills may be impacted from patterns you have learned as a child. Did you regularly have family meals as a child? Did you learn to eat meals and snacks throughout the day? Other times, it’s been self inflicted by avoiding nourishing your body.

This week we are going to focus on improving your contextual skills around eating.

Before we move on, as yourself these questions:

1. Do you regularly eat 3 meals per day?    Yes    or      No

2. Do you tune it and focus while you are eating?     Yes     or      No

3. Do you make time to eat?   Yes    or   No

4. Do you take the time to consider you are eating foods good for you?   Yes   or    No

5. Do you plan to feed yourself?     Yes    or   No

If you answered NO to any of these questions, you may be struggling with your food management skills and learning to make meals a priority. Take a minute to reflect, when did you stop learning to make time for you to eat and nourish your body?

This week, I will be helping you to understand why it’s so and important and how to get it done!