September 7, 2017

I started to consult with Dana for my first child 2 ½ years ago. Thanks to Dana’s advice, my daughter progression from nursing, to starting solid foods, and then eating table foods was extremely smooth and with a lot less stress than I imagined!  Like many new moms, my schedule is crazy and hectic, but with Dana’s help, feeding my daughter wasn’t. She was able to suggest many new and exciting foods to try while using foods my husband and I eat and buy at the grocery store and are easy to prepare.

Teaching us how to feed our daughter created good habits for my husband and I too. We started eating as family and are now part of our daily routine.

When we added our second child to the mix, I felt like I was learning all over again. I somehow seemed to forget exactly how and what to feed him. Although, he is a totally different child personality wise, her advice is helping him to grow into a good eater too. We are very excited with both our children’s responses to Dana’s methods. It has been so nice to have Dana available to ask questions and support us along the way.